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Safety 24/7 : building an incident-free culture

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Whether reading in the board room or on the front line, Safety 24/7 helps address all of these questions in a simple-to-read format that is sure to make a Behavior based safety awareness book Site Number: Employee Number: The company doesn't exist in the skayra.comnet/EN/

Focus on Safety 24/7 pg. 2 Here’s what I’m getting at – it doesn’t matter what is happening in your life, good or bad, you still have to focus on safety. If your mind is elsewhere, thinking about the problems life throws at you, and you get hurt, your original.

· Safety 24/7. Q1 Volume 1, Issue 1. Tips: Q. When should I in-spect and change the batteries in my Smoke Alarms? A good time to remember to check your smoke alarms and change the batteries is when we change our clocks twice a year for daylight savings. The most common Safety Newsletter - The 24/7 safety concept was generally welcomed by workshop participants and examples were cited of existing interventions that could come under a “24/7” umbrella, such as encouraging the transfer of ladder safety or manual handling techniques to the home.

Systems Systems is a suite of programs that fit all of your Company’s needs. Whether Health & Safety, Human Resource or Environmental issues are your concerns we have the tools.

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