Parenting skills module two review

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The course consists of seven core modules plus a range of other learning activities to help parents develop their parenting skills. Core modules The course is built around the seven core modules and this is what should be studied first.

In this video you will meet Rachid Baraoui, 31, a young, married father originally from Morocco. Over the last year and a half, Rachid has been attending TFP’s Dads & Kids Activity Group at MGH Revere Health Center with his now two-year-old son Youssef.

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Positive Parenting Solutions Review

Parenting Skills Module 1 Lessons The World Of Parenting If you are reading this, then you are incorporating parenting skills into your education. Through The parent/child relationship is a relationship between two people, and as all people are different, so is every parent/child relationship.

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The kit includes the Leader's Resource Guide (session guides, handouts, activities, parent survey, and certificate of participation), two videocassettes highlighting positive parenting skills and also tips on how to lead a STEP group, the.

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Parenting skills module two review
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