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Customer reviews

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The Best Pro Writing App for Mac (and iOS)

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At the core, it is an app that utilizes your device’s microphone, presentations or other media assets and allows you to annotate, animate and narrate over them.

Hi Mr. Kaufman, I think our app would be a good contender for your High School Math Section. Sinceour company, GetYa Learn On (GYLO), has been testing “Statistics 1” for the iPhone and iPad at Abilene Christian.

Idea to iPhone: The essential guide to creating your first app for the iPhone and iPad [Carla White] on skayra.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn to build apps from scratch without any programming experience! Do you have a great idea for an app but have no idea where to begin?

Then this is the book for you. Even if you have no programming experience. The best iOS app reviews and news this side of Mars! ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Paper by FiftyThree.

Download Paper by FiftyThree and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad. I've mentioned it before, but I do about 99% of my work on this site using my " iPad Pro, a Bluetooth keyboard, and the iOS WordPress app.

I have been doing this since I resumed writing here back in February, and it's been a really good experience so far. The WordPress app is a simple, WYSIWYG affair, but it had.

Ipad writing app reviews
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