Food inflation in india literature review

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This paper aims to analyze the relationship between inflation and inflation uncertainty in India. · ture review of agri-food supply chain, policies affecting the segments of agri- India is an agro-based economy with the agriculture sector providing employ- derived about literature on agri-food supply chain sug-gest that supply, market, farmers, chain, price, value, production, development, In recent years, high food inflation in India is one of the factors which bring to non-food inflation and aggregate inflation.

Inflation quickens in August, even as industrial growth sees mild recovery

There are 4 factors that affect food inflation occur, which are international prices and trade policy, rising demand supply mismatch, stagnant productivity and minimum support prices.

· Food inflation stood at % in November, and was the highest contributor to the overall inflation rate (%). Given that is an election year, the actual rate of inflation will also be impacted by the mandate India Food Services Trends | Food Services Trends pdf.

· Section 2 provides Review of Literature. food price inflation and call money rate do not affect stock market return. Agrawal and Srivastava () found The effect of Macroeconomic Determinants on the Performance of the Indian Stock Market The effect of Macroeconomic Determinants on the Performance of the Indian Stock Market.

1  · Review Of Existing Literature Nair and Eapan () Gulati and Saini (), in the paper ‗Taming Food Inflation in India‘‘ using a variety of factors to The present study is an addition to the existing literature by incorporating the latest available data.

Food inflation in india literature review
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