A review of the movie homeless to harvard

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Homeless to Harvard Movie Review Essay Sample

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Homeless to Harvard is actually a film, so it would have been reasonable to expect better image quality than what we actually get. The picture is fairly dark and drab, and I don't think all of that is intentional; the image is also very grainy and has a substantial amount of noise in it.

Homeless to Harvard Movie Review Essay Sample Homeless to Harvard, written by Ronni Kern, directed by Peter Levin, and released intells the compelling story of one woman’s struggle to overcome tremendous personal obstacles.

However, `Homeless To Harvard' is a surprising and welcome exception. Without question it is one of the best made for television movies ever produced.

This true story of Liz Murray continually strikes your primal emotional chord throughout the movie. The film "Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story" is one of those movies you tend to forget, unless you view it at least a second time.

However, each time you view it, its value becomes more obvious. Above average for a Lifetime movie. Leaves a few things very unanswered at the end, but is a good film about overcoming a bad upbringing.

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A review of the movie homeless to harvard
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